The hospital Isabel Zendal, one of the main vaccination centres in Madrid

Spain Is The European Country With The Highest Percentage Of People Vaccinated With All Doses

Vaccination against Covid-19 began in Spain exactly on December 27, 2020. Seven months later, the country has passed the milestone of 25 million immunized, and specifically as of July 22, the Spanish public health system has surpassed the United Kingdom (53.39%), the United States (48.28%), Germany (48.18%) and France (44.07%) in percentage of vaccinated population (54.32%) and is above the European average (36.79%), according to the Our World in Data ranking (University of Oxford). Also, Spain already occupies the second position in the ranking of the 5 countries with more than 10 million inhabitants that immunize the fastest, after Chile, which has managed to protect 62.19% of its population against the coronavirus.

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The Beginning Of The End Of The Pandemic Starts In Spain With The Arrival Of The First Vaccines

Almost eleven months after the first case of coronavirus in Spain, the biggest vaccination campaign the country has ever seen has begun. After the first expected batch of 10,000 units that arrived last weekend from Belgium at the warehouses that Pfizer has in Guadalajara, another one with 350,000 unites will follow today. The delivery will be repeated every Monday for the next 12 weeks until the 4,591,275 vaccines bought from this laboratory have been issued, with which 2,295,638 citizens will be immunised.

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Spain To Acquire Around 20 Million Doses Of Pfizer Vaccine To Immunize About 10 Million People

Spain’s Health Minister, Salvador Illa, hopes that “this week or next”some more contracts can be signed with new pharmaceutical companies to acquire a future vaccine against Covid-19. These include Pfizer and Biontech. Last Monday, these companies announced that their vaccine is more than 90% effective, after the “success” of the first intermediate analysis of their phase 3 trial.