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After Months Of Confrontation, Veolia Will Launch A Takeover Bid For Suez, Creating A Group With Revenues Of €37 Bn

Alphavalue | The boards of Veolia Environment and Suez have reached an agreement on the companies’ merger. After months of confrontation, Veolia will launch a takeover bid for Suez. In a statement, the two firms said the price of the bid will be 20.5 €/share, valuing Suez at 12.9 billion euros. This is an improvement of 13.9% on the 18 €/share that Veolia had proposed up until now and which was one of the main blocking points for the deal. Suez had set a price of €22/share as a condition.


Veolia Moves In For Suez : Win/Win

Veolia’s proposal for a timely and transformative combination with Suez could lay the foundation for accelerated growth. Analysts at BoA Global Research think stakeholder interests are aligned and that a mutually attractive deal scenario is now more likely than not. A growing ESG thematic tailwind adds to the appeal and we upgrade Veolia to Buy.