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Miguel Navascués has worked as an economist at the Bank of Spain for 30 years, and focuses on international and monetary economics. He blogs in Spanish at: http://

Cameron orders firing blanks in Gibraltar

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | The Spanish government is simply enforcing the law–a law that the British government has signed. Madrid, unlike London, still has the option of increasing its pressure without pointless nationalistic antics like Royal warships.

Cheers, Mark Carney!

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | The economic cycle goes up and down. But after a terrible crash as the one we have suffered, following a crazy boom, amid staggering losses of capital and jobs, you would be deluded to believe that the economy will fix itself. 

Disarmed austerity

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Since Quantitative Easing programmes began, the dollar has been strengthened, that is, its price has gone up against the most used currencies in the international markets.

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The boogeyman of inflation

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | An economic recovery green shoot will still need some help to survive, but the ECB remains too biased towards inflation contention.

Is Mario Draghi bothered?

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Monetary policies are a by-product of politics, after all, and in Europe, politics are tightly controlled from Berlin, which will probably use the Fed’s reaction as example of what the ECB must do.

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The myth of lower wages and job creation

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Lower salaries do not always bring more employment. This is a myth. The liberalisation of the labour market is altogether another matter, and in some Eurozone countries–as Spain–we are still waiting for it to be implemented.