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Solarpack: another actor comes onto Spain's solar energy scene

Solarpack: Another Actor Comes Onto Spain’s Solar Energy Scene

Shares of Solarpack, a company specialized in the construction and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants, based on the Basque country, started trading on Wednesday, at the Bilbao stock exchange. Solarpack announced that the book-building process for the initial offering of its ordinary shares has been completed with an offer price of €8.3 per ordinary share and an offering size of €100 M.

The geographical diversification of Spanish exporters: some yes, others no

The Geographical Diversification Of Spanish Exporters: Some Yes, Others No

Despite the slowdown in Spain’s exports, the number of national companies starting to export and of regular exporters which have been exporting for four years in a row are rising. How strong these exporters are is the question that CaixaBank Research answer analysing the geographical diversity of the destinations to which they export.

Spain's technology deficit could reach €21.078 billion

Spain’s Technology Deficit Could Reach €21.078 Billion

The Spanish economy invested a total of €14.052 billion in research and development (R&D) in 2017, the equivalent of 1.2% of the GDP, according to Spain’s National Statistics Institute. Although this percentage is 6% higher than the previous year, “Spain would take 180 years to reach the 3% target set by the European Commission’s Europe 2020 strategy,” says Xavier Ferràs, Associate Professor in the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences at ESADE.

Far-right populists break through in the Spanish politics too

Far-Right Populists Break Through In Spanish Politics Too

The elections in Andalucia have revolutionised Spanish politics with the the worst ever results for the socialist party (PSOE), which has been governing this autonomous community without interruption since 1978, and the entrance of the far right, in the form of the new party Vox, in the Spanish political map.

Trade war ceasefire better than expected

Trade War Ceasefire Better Than Expected

Wang Tao via Caixin | The meeting between Xi and Trump on Dec. 1 turned out better than expected. According to both the White House statement and Chinese official reports, both sides agreed to enter into immediate negotiations on a broad range of structural issues in the next 90 days, and not impose additional tariffs in the meantime.

COP24: Here’s what to expect

COP24: Here’s What To Expect

Federica Genovese via The Conversation | Representatives of almost all the countries on the planet are gathering in Katowice, Poland, for the 24th Conference of the Parties (COP24) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). They will set the course for action on climate change by discussing the implementation plan for the 2015 Paris Agreement which aims to coordinate international effort to halt warming at 1.5°C.

Are US sanctions losing their clout?

Are US Sanctions Losing their Clout?

Gary Grappo |  America’s latest round of sanctions on Iran’s primary hard currency earner will be felt not only by the Iranian government, but also by Iranian people. Washington’s frequent use of economic sanctions for all matter of offenses could end up diminishing their utility over the long term and empowering bad actors.

G-20 meeting: Are trade headlines hiding a ‘tech cold war’?

G-20 Meeting: Are Trade Headlines Hiding A ‘Tech Cold War’?

The G20 meeting that will take place on Friday 30th November 2018 and into the weekend could serve as an ideal venue for pre-meeting deals. The market is already anticipating trade deals between US and China to counter the surge in protectionism we have seen in the past year. However, Neil Dwane, strategist at Allianz Global Investors has an interesting theory: if trade tensions continue, the US and China could lock each other out and create their own tech ecosystems, forcing the rest of the world to choose one over the other.

The metamorphosis of Spanish banks: from a cosy club to tough competition

The Metamorphosis Of Spanish Banks: From A Cosy Club To Tough Competition

William Chislett | In the Franco regime and well into the 1980s, the lion’s share of Spanish banking business in a strongly protected and highly profitable market was in the hands of the so-called Big Seven and those banks, affiliated to or associated with them. The Big Seven have morphed over the past 30 years into the Big Two, as a result of a wave of mergers, after Spain joined the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1986.

House sales in Spain reach maximums in a decade

House Sales In Spain Reach Maximums In A Decade

The housing market continues to show an intense dynamic. Sales increased 9.7% in September, and drives an accumulated figure of 395,534 operations in the year so far, the largest volume in this period since 2008. Although the vigour is seen in all segments, sales of new houses stand, up 11.5% up to Q318.