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Fintech markets

Fintech Cooperation Beckons in China, EU

Yang Wang via Caixin | One of the biggest differences between the European and Chinese fintech markets is regulatory support. China is dominated by an all-embracing, open-minded regulatory environment.In the EU, the biggest challenge, besides the uncertain and changing regulations, is winning the consumers’ trust.

Alexis Eurogroup Doesn't End In Tie For Tsipras

Eurogroup Doesn’t End In Tie For Tsipras

Nick Malkoutzis via Macropolis | Did Greece get what it wanted out of Thursday’s meeting of eurozone finance ministers? This is the wrong question to ask. In the case of Eurogroup meetings, the first question that needs to be posed is whether German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble got what he wanted. Invariably, the answer is “yes.” Everything else flows from there.

CNMV's short-selling ban on Liberbank

The Doubtbul Reach Of An Exceptional Move: Spain’s Watchdog Deals With The Short-Sellers

Fernando Rodríguez  | The suspension on short-selling in Liberbank, which the CNMV has enforced for a month, has not left stock market players indifferent. Experts, fund managers, traders, analysts and lawyers, traditionally opposed to interference in the workings of the capital markets, are doubtful about the reach of such an exceptional measure. At the same time, they support the usefulness of the short-sellers.

oil prices

Oil: Erosion In Middle East’s Supply-Deal Confidence

Energy markets has been taking a beating with oil and natural gas prices down across the board. For once, the fundamental news flow was ample. The US Energy Administration reported their weekly set of data, which showed a stronger-than-expected increase of crude oil and oil products in storage.

Spanish stocks

Spain’s Stocks Not Exhausted

The positive dynamic behind Spanish stocks is a fact. Carax- Alphavalue’s analysts have repeatedly stressed it and indeed have selected to be, for most of H1, over-weighted in Spain in their Portfolio, a selection of stocks for a dynamic return.