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spanish pensions sustainable

Current And Future Spanish Pensions Are Sustainable

Carlos Bravo | To be able to maintain current Spanish pensions model in 2050, when the large majority of the baby-boom generation will reach retirement age, we will need to raise pension spending to around 15% of GDP. This is a significant challenge, but one which is perfectly doable. The challenges of the system are two-fold: guarantee its financial sustainability and ensure there are sufficient funds available.

Erdogan's referendum victory

The Implications Of Erdogan’s Referendum Victory

Wolfango Piccoli via Macropolis | As both the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are likely to win any upcoming elections, the approved constitutional changes will institutionalizs a populist one-man system equipped with vast additional powers. These will be usurped from other institutions without introducing the checks and balances required to safeguard against a further authoritarian turn.

US soft a and hard data

The debate about US soft and hard data comes back

So-called ‘soft’ data, such as strong sentiment indicators and survey levels for the US economy, have raised the debate whether the real economic indicators ahead – the so-called ‘hard’ data – will be able to fulfil the expectations created, or whether they will instead disappoint and lead to market unrest.

Banc Sabadell potential

Banc Sabadell, when the worst is never certain (21% upside potential)

Particularly affected by the Brexit vote, due to its UK exposure, Sabadell’s share price has moved sideways and accumulated underperformance vis-à-vis the broader sector until the US election. As reported by Carax-Alphavalue, the latter’s outcome was “rapidly digested”, freeing the stock’s upside potential which has regained a large portion of the lost ground.

US property prices

US Property Prices: Did That Canary Just Topple Over?

Benjamin Cole | The last time commercial property prices topped out was July of 2007. House prices appear to be rising still, though at a slower rate by various indices. On a per-square-foot basis, house prices in the U.S. have not budged since May of last year. That could be important, suggesting that houses now selling are larger, and the middle-class is dropping out of the market.


Brexit, Bluster And The Birth Of The United States Of Europe

By Alexander Coward|While it was a tragic day for those whimsical souls who see the lie in the notion of Britain being a modern great power, recognizing its status as a medium-sized country that used to have an empire, when Article 50 was triggered on March 29 it was not a sad day for Europe.