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long-term zero or negative interest rates

Fixed Income: A Search For A Safe Haven Or A Question Of Yields?

J.L.M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) | At the end of the day, we have zero or negative real long-term interest rates. Why? The most simple answer has to do with the relation between supply and demand. And everything leads us to think that there is more demand than supply in the fixed income markets.

Caixabank's target price potential

Caixabank’s Fundamentals Could Take It To €4.7 Per Share

During 1Q17 Spanish Caixabank finished the integration with Portuguese BPI reporting net attributable profit of €403 million, up 47.9% year on year. This resilient stream of revenues coupled with good credit quality are some of the reasons for BBVA’s analysts bet on the stock.

Italy's next elections

Italy is next political risk in Europe

Italian elections are likely to represent the next main European political risk. With anti-establishment sentiment running high and the euro increasingly seen as a major contributor to Italy’s structural problems, both themes will feature prominently in the campaign ahead of the next election.

Enel's projections

Readable Enel; slimming down regime bear fruit

After the Endesa takeover in the late 2000s, followed by the financial crisis and the Fukushima accident, Enel’s process to extract value from the Spanish utility transaction has been slow and painful. A diet was needed. Now it is starting to bear fruit with debt ratios and credit rating finally improving.