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China lowered its average tariff on imports after it joined the WTO

Why China Hasn’t Broken WTO Rules

Yu Yongding  via Caixin | Has China violated the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) as the U.S. has said? The most reliable answer should be from the WTO itself. On the 10th anniversary of China’s entry to the organization, former WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy said in an interview with the U.S. magazine China Business Review that “China has done really well in terms of implementing its long list of commitments, although no country is above criticism.”

Colombia's new president intends to reinforce ties with traditional allies

Meet Colombia’s New President

Glenn Ojeda Vega and German Peinado Delgado | Iván Duque’s foreign policy will center on reinforcing ties with Colombia’s traditional allies and securing international support for the administration’s agenda.

Spain ageing index reaches historic maximum

Spain Reaches Ageing Index Of 120%, Historic Maximum

In Spain, there are 120 people older than 64 for every 100 younger than 16. This figure contrasts with that at the end of the 20th century, when the country was still young: in 1985 there were 46.7 people older than 64 for every 100 under 16.

The useful life of Spain's nuclear power

Spanish Electricity Companies Can´t Agree On The Useful Life Of Nuclear Power Stations: 40 Or 50 Years?

The Spanish government intends to close down Spain´s nuclear power stations as they complete 40 years of useful life, a period which comes due in 2028. Endesa, as of now the major nuclear operator in the country, considers it “impossible to dismantle all the power stations at the same time” as the 40 years is completed. On the contrary, Iberdrola goes along with the government’s theory and sees that it is “perfectly practical”, and will have no impact neither on the supply  nor prices.

The risks for the markets in August 2018

The Risks That Could Sour August (I): Less Liquidity In The Markets

Financial markets in developed countries have suffered several difficult months of August this century. Therefore we should never be confident about August and this year there are reasons to face it with caution. In a brief series which starts today, Intermoney identifies the key elements of these potential risks.


Hyatt stepped back from its counter bid for NH Hotels

The War For NH Hotels Evaporates In A Weekend

Last Friday the expected news arrived of the interest of Hyatt Hotels Corp in the Spanish hotel chain. The Chicago based company showed its interest in acquiring NH Hotels, through an alternative (or negotiation money) for the shareholders of NHH to the existing offer of Minor. But just as the offer arrived, it has evaporated and yesterday Hyatt stepped back from its counter bid for NHH.

Football and growth

Football And Growth – The Links Between France’s World Championship And The Pace Of Economy

The French football team was proclaimed FIFA World Cup Champion two weeks ago in Moscow. Far for the epic victory- we all witnessed PM Emmanuelle Macron’s euphoria- Philippe Wächter, Chief Economist, Ostrum AM wonders in a note to investors whether a football win could propel France into the leading position in Europe in terms of growth too. And looking to the euro area at large – whether it could make up for Germany’s defeat in the early stages of the competition and Spain’s poor performance.

The presence of state subsidiesincreased during the first years of the economic crisis

State Subsidies To Companies Fall 84% In Spain

Aids and subsidies from public administrations to Spanish companies have fallen by 42% to 1.201 billion euros, according to the ratings agency Axesor. Central administration aids were reduced by 84% to 144 million euros, while the rest (1.057 billion euros) are coming from the autonomous regions. The presence of the state increased during the first years of the economic crisis, but from 2012 there was a change.

Greece's bailout program ends on Aug. 21

For Better Or Worse: Greece’s Bailout Exit Deja Vu

Yiannis Mouzakis via Macropolis | As Greece stands on the cusp of exiting the third, and final, of its painful bailouts, there is a discussion about the terms under which it is exiting and how they compare to the conditions that were on offer the last time the country was close to the MoU finishing line, about four years ago. Examining the two cases is actually a useful exercise – not just for Greek crisis veterans.