In Europe

Snowden Affair | Frustration at failing to be spied?

MADRID | By JP Marín Arrese | In the EU melt pot no one has a clear idea where are we heading for. Having access to encrypted e-mails from government officials, as the Snowden affair exposes, won’t lead you much far in understanding the Old Continent.

Welcome to Croatia

By Farah Coppola | GDP could increase by about 9% and consumption could increase even more if Croatia enters the Single Market.

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The boogeyman of inflation

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | An economic recovery green shoot will still need some help to survive, but the ECB remains too biased towards inflation contention.

The lesson Spanish exports teach

MADRID | By Luis Alcaide | Having now the evidence of how Spain is successfully expanding its exports, the IMF should be able to tell what are competitive businesses from the onerous legacy of over-privileged labour practices that take place in some institutions.

The capricious European Commission

ROME | By  | While the living standards of Greeks keeps falling and the troika’s management of the crisis has been called into question, European institutions continue to look elsewhere. It is high time the European Commission was held accountable for this appalling tragedy.