In Europe

Spain needs assistance, rather than financial bailout

Spain needs technical but also political assistance to redress the hesitant and often deficient action of the current government. Even if backed by an overall majority in Parliament, the government seems unable to offer a solvent alternative.

Mario Monti, the fake pretender

If Mario Monti achieves his goal and sits again as the prime minister of Italy, the message sent to the rest of the periphery will be one of great uncertainty and suspicion: lack of democracy and national accountability will not spark popular support to reforms, but most probably the opposite.

Contained prices in the euro area

Inflation in the euro area falls by 0.1 percentage points to 2.5% year-on-year. CaixaBank analysts predict a downward slide in inflation over the coming months.

Euroland’s inability to deliver growth

The austerity trap. That’s the price to pay for an asymmetric scheme that fails to impose any discipline on those, like Germany, equipped with comfortable margins of manoeuvre for increasing their domestic demand.

No federal Europe at sight

PARIS | Angela Merkel is entering an election period and wants to avoid the slightest risk, while François Hollande fears nothing more than reopening old wounds in his majority government. End of the federal Europe road?