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Mexico's elections to be held on 1 July

Mexico’s Elections: The Implications Of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Becoming Next Leader

Mexicans go to the polls on 1 July. Some 3,400 elected positions are at stake (including the President, deputies senators, and gubernatorial elections), potentially reshaping the country’s political landscape.  AXA IM analysts expect that Andrès Manuel Lopez Obrador, also known as AMLO, will be victorious and become the next President and that his coalition Called MORENA) will obtain a small majority in both chambers of the Congress.

Trump Kim Summit aimed at mid-term elections

After Singapore, Europeans Must Take Responsibility For Their Own Future

Shaun Riordan | Trump’s behaviour at the Singapore Summit with Kim Jung Un has little to do with foreign policy, or indeed North Korea. Like his attacks on allies at the G7 Summit last week, it is aimed at the mid-term elections for Congress. Long-time US allies count for little compared to Trump’s domestic political needs. Europe must take responsibility for its own future.

Africa opens up borders to free trade

Africa Opens Up Borders to Free Trade

Shigoli Shitero | In March, African leaders descended upon Kigali, Rwanda, the Land of a Thousand Hills’ capital, to ink an agreement that is meant to smoothen the rough terrain of intra-African trade. Nearly 50 years after independence movements swept across Africa, the continent is still struggling to find its footing.

A varied set of views on China- Greece ties

Watch Out For The New All-Talk, No-Action Bureaucracy

It is expected that some Chinese local government officials may still try to fight bureaucracy with bureaucracy. For instance, when inspectors come, the officials will list how many meetings they have held, how many documents they have released and how many reports they have written to the cause.

Greener metals for electric cars

Electric Cars Drive Demand for Greener Metals

When it comes to the fight against climate change, the conversation has focused nearly exclusively on how to bring down levels of one element — carbon. But what role will the metals and the mining industry play in the drive to realize a low-carbon future? As it turns out, one larger than we might think.

Norweigan and US

Why Should Any Norwegian Emigrate to the United States?

American president Donald Trump reportedly disparaged immigrants from Africa, El Salvador and Haiti on Thursday, asking his advisors, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump then suggested that the United States should bring more people from countries like Norway, whose prime minister he met a day earlier.


Remarkable run for gold starting the year

New Year But Old Drivers For Gold

Gold’s recent winning streak was the mirror image of a weakening US dollar. Julius Baer’s analysts still see upside for the US dollar, resulting from accelerating growth and rising interest rates, which should weigh on gold over the coming months. These rate cycle headwinds should however fade as the year progresses, opening up medium- to longer-term bottom-fishing opportunities.