Too big to jail bankers? Not in Iceland

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes | Everyone is commenting on BNP Paribas historic settlement and the eventual fines that other EU banks might face (read our yesterday’s post), and the missed opportunity to really punish their illegal practices. And yet no financial savvy is talking about Iceland’s Reykjavík County Court handing out severe prison sentences to four bankers for market manipulation and breach of fiduciary duty. As London-based Icelandic reporter Sigrún Davíðsdóttir explains, “this case is not one of the big ones involving major investors or bank managers (…), but there are other similar cases snarling their way through courts.”


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Cyprus: Of course it’s a template!

LONDON | City-based fund manager Pawel Morski (pseudonym) believes the EU is recognising it is moving towards a new regime of bailing in banks. For a non-template, he points out, the Cyprus solution drops some cracking clues as to Brussels’ priorities.

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Weekend link fest

A curated selection of links we hope can enlighten us all; some come from our corner, some do from other corners of the net. And as…