Spanish Supreme court’s president resigns

MADRID | As reported on Thursday by El Confidencial, Carlos Dívar, the president of the Spanish Supreme court and the Judicial Council (CGPJ) announced that he will step down from the two positions following criticism over about 30 trips to Marbella and other luxury resorts paid with public funds to a value of about €28,000.

Dívar’s decision to resign, which he announced to the members of the council in a plenary on Thursday, was expected. He has been under the spotlight in Spain over the last weeks, since his questioned trips were revealed by the media.

“During a three-hour meeting

on Saturday in the Judicial Council, which is the highest constitutional body that oversees and controls the judiciary, the members of the council transmitted unanimously to Dívar that it does no longer have confidence in him,” El Confidencial said.

“On repeated occasions, Dívar spent several days in Marbella and other resorts with hotel stays and expensive dinners covered by public funds, although his work assignments and public appearances lasted only for a few hours, according to media reports. On one occasion, his assignment even took place at a 200 km distance from Marbella and lasted only for a day, while his hotel stay in the high-end resort was covered by public funds and lasted for five days.”

His resignation will enter into effect once it is published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE), which will bepublished within a few days, according to the Spanish newsagency Efe.


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