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This eurocrisis needs a different EU budget

By Niels Goet, founder of the new blog  | They might between the three of them have saved a few hundred million to a billion Euros for their taxpayers; but this comes at the expense of the ability of the EU to tackle some of the important problems Europe has to deal with.


Why the European Union will succeed

Ronny Patz | We seem far from having only technocratic European debates. We seem far from only hearing national politician’s views on the national aspects of European politics.


Berlusconi, Bárcenas and Angela Merkel

By Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, analyst at XTB | For all the noise these scandals bring about, the pressure on Merkel should not abate. The eurozone needs that Germany relaxes its stand on public investment cuts, and efficient measures to deal with sovereign debt should be agreed by core country members.

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What’s next for the EU budget

By Ralf Grahn, lawyer | Political agreement among the heads of state or government is not the end of the EU budget story. According to Article 312(2) Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), the Council needs the consent of at least 378 MEPs (a majority of the 754 members).

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The strange case of the Irish promissory notes

Is Ireland such a good model to follow as Brussels would like the rest of the euro periphery to believe? The latest financial creative engineering to trim Irish public debt tells us that reality is quite different, and the eurozone still needs to find a long-term programme to solve its problems.