Spanish economy

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Spain: numbers show optimism yet political tension grows

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes | Under a strong pressure after the scandal of illegal donations to the Popular Party, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy will try to spend his summer holidays away from the public eye. Even if the economy is doing better and the Bank of Spain sees the end of the recession coming, citizens are austerity-wary and the political tension has not been eased at all.

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For Spanish companies deleverage is the word

MADRID | By Carlos Díaz Güell | After years of heavy investment (in 2007 it reached 112 bn euros), Spanish companies abroad are reducing their debt by selling their assets. Time for deleverage in order to cope with the crisis.

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‘Insiders’: Spain’s unemployment new face

Highly educated, they used to have steady jobs and decent wages… until now. The so-called ‘insiders’ are the new victims of Spain’s unemployment drama, which affects more than 27% of the population. Prospects for 2013 are gloomy, since credit is not flowing, SMEs are choking and consumption remains paralyzed. Have the labor reform and all sacrifices been worth it?