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Why we need growth now

Public spending can be cut down particularly when there is growth and economy expands. One has only to look at the US’ GDP to learn a powerful lesson: austerity untimely implemented does more harm than good.

China’s growth: the glass half full or half empty?

China’s growth for 2012 was released by mid-January: an overall growth of a 7.8% with a slight increase of 0.1 points for the last quarter, topping a 7.9%. The widely expected figure was the lowest since 1999. But is this a negative or a positive sign?

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Green religion means expensive gas prices

Why has gas prices in Europe escalated up so much more than in the US? Why should taxpayers fill the gap when politicians play with green magic that turns unaffordable? Renewable energy sounds right but costs should be explained.


China comes to Latin America

Trevor Cohen | Latin America has suffered centuries of resource exploitation at the hands of foreign powers, without translating gains to the majority of the population.  However, there are signs that the effects of China’s appetite for these same resources may break the disastrous boom bust cycles of the past.

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China begins a new cycle

BEIJING | Great social and economic inequalities could jeopardise the plans of making of internal consumption the main engine of growth. The figures released before the end of the year warned of the growing gap between the rich and the poor.

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The fiscal cliff battle as a sign of a covert civil war

Most Republicans act as obdurate and dogmatic preachers of a new faith that refuses any concession on the core objective of making life miserable for liberals, women and non-white minorities that cast a vote enabling an evil and un-American President to be re-elected.