Indra wins contract to develop Navy’s new-generation electronic intelligence systems


Link Securities | The Directorate General of Armament and Material (DGAM) has awarded Indra (IDR) a contract to develop and test the Navy’s new generation of electronic intelligence systems within the Santiago national programme of Electronic Defence, according to Europa Press.

The systems under development aim to facilitate the detection and generation of strategic information to ensure the access and use of the electromagnetic spectrum for the Armed Forces. Indra will deliver a demonstrator that will be installed on a Navy ship and will serve as a base for future operations of the four branches of the Army. This type of information is essential for ships, aircraft and land platforms, as it is what allows radars, sensors and communications systems to maintain their capabilities despite enemy attacks. The system Indra is working on is more flexible than previous models and has greater range and performance by simultaneously using a wider bandwidth to detect radars with a low probability of interception.

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