Telefonica invests in the different frequencies auctioned in Germany

Telefonica will list part of Argentine subsidiary

Link Securities | Telefónica has invested 1.0063 billion euros in the 19 March auction of new radioelectric frequencies in Germany, according to information facilitated by Germany´s Federal Networks Agency, while awaiting official confirmation.

The four operators which have participated in the auction bid a total of 5.3088 billion euros, significantly more than the amount estimated by the German government. Telefónica has shared its investment more or less equally between the different frequency bands being auctioned. Specifically, Telefónica´s German subsidiary has won two blocs of 2.5MHz in the 2GHz band for 374.8 million euros.

In the 3.4 GHz band, Telefónica has invested 323.5 million euros for three blocs of 1X10 MHz, while, in the allotment of 3.7GHz frequencies, Telefónica has invested 317.9 million euros in three blocs of 1X10 MHz.