Today’s Talk Of The Market in Spain

BANKINTER. Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) goes forward within the Eurogroup. A preliminary arrangement establishes greater borrowing capacity and a reduction in the transitional period. SRM would be enabled to borrow with public support, which won’t have since Germany doesn’t favor using public money in the transitional period. Most importantly, ECB receives the decision-making ability from the European Council.

LINK. Western markets are not expected to significantly fluctuate today. Although there are not relevant business or macro events, Link analysts believe some uncertainty factors and political tensions like Ukraine’s are far from being over.

RENTA4. FCC gets into a stabilisation period for the short-middle term but further outlook is positive. Analysts recommend to buy above €17.2.

SANTANDER. ArcelorMittal tackles guidance, 2014 outlook, objectives, restructuring and disinvestment plans on ‘investor day’. The company has taken positive steps towards reducing debt, keeping current rating and improving credit ratio. The value is attractive.

AFI suggests closing fixed-rate financing cost for terms over 3 years. Besides, they recommend to take profits as stock appreciation stops and point out the good performance of peripheral-country bonds.

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