Centre for Ibero-American and Transatlantic Studies (CEIT) calls for new edition of Spanish-Irish Awards to encourage research on relations between the two countries


The Centre for Ibero-American and Transatlantic Studies FGUMA-UMA, via the María Zambrano Centre for Transatlantic Studies of the University of Málaga calls for a new edition of the Spanish-Irish Awards of the Aula María Zambrano de Estudios Transatlánticos with the aim of encouraging research and increasing awareness on the relations between both countries in any academic and scientific field.

These awards, which are sponsored by José Antonio Sierra Lumbreras, are aimed at teachers, students, journalists and researchers from all over the world and have a financial endowment of €1,000 for the winning paper and a runner-up award of €200 for the second best. An article of the winning papers may be published for international dissemination in the TSN journal.

The deadline for submission of papers will be extended for nine months, until 18th December 2023. Further information about requirements and terms and conditions can be found at the website: https://bit.ly/spanishirishawards.

In the previous edition of the Spanish-Irish Awards, the winning papers were: “Mujeres transatlánticas que se rebelan a la tierra firme en ‘tiempos de hombres’”, by Víctor Calderón Fajardo (University of Málaga), “Tierra de promisión. La familia Costello y la Diáspora Irlandesa. Genealogía, Globalización y Comercio Atlántico en la Andalucía del Siglo XVIII”, by Salvador David Pérez González (University of Málaga). The second prize was awarded to “El Legado de Eavan Boland en Irlanda y más allá: Una aproximación literaria y personal”, by Pilar Villar Argáiz (University of Granada).

The CEIT specialises in the Ibero-American and transatlantic regions, to which Spain is historically linked, and where most of its past and present interrelationships take place. This centre emerges as well from the experience of the Aula María Zambrano de Estudios Transatlánticos (AMZET), which has been carrying out intense training, research and dissemination activities in this field since 2012.

About the Author

José Antonio Sierra
José Antonio Sierra has taught Spanish for forty years in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Founder and director of the Spanish Cultural Institute, now Cervantes, in Dublin, as well as acting as correspondent for Agencia Efe, Diario Informaciones, and Galicia en el Mundo. Advisor to the project for the creation of the Casa de América in the Economic Society of Friends of the Country of Malaga. He is interested in the economics of the Spanish language.