Centre for Ibero-American and Transatlantic Studies (CEIT) calls for new edition of Spanish-Irish Awards to encourage research on relations between the two countries

The Centre for Ibero-American and Transatlantic Studies FGUMA-UMA, via the María Zambrano Centre for Transatlantic Studies of the University of Málaga calls for a new edition of the Spanish-Irish Awards of the Aula María Zambrano de Estudios Transatlánticos with the aim of encouraging research and increasing awareness on the relations between both countries in any academic and scientific field. These awards, which are sponsored by José Antonio Sierra Lumbreras, are…

The EU should dismantle Facebook

Irish Data Protection Commissioner imposes highest ever fine – €1.2bn – on Meta

Bankinter: The Irish Data Protection Commission imposes a €1.2 billion fine on the technology company for transferring European citizens’ data to the US in breach of EU legislation. Analysis team’s opinion: Bad news, but already expected. It is a significant amount. The largest fine imposed so far. It compares with the €746m the EU fined Amazon in 2021 and is about 4% of Meta’s estimated PBT for the whole of…

doble irlandes TC

Ireland considers setting up sovereign wealth fund based on multinationals’ tax payments

Intermoney: Interesting news from Ireland is that the government is considering setting up a sovereign wealth fund to channel some of the tax revenues it is receiving from the many multinational companies based in the country. This would be an effort to strengthen public finances in the future, when annual revenues may be less reliable than they are now. The country has seen a significant increase in tax revenues since…

Italia Irlanda

Italy Vs Ireland… For Whom The Bell Tolls

Miguel Navascués | Giorgia Meloni’s election victory is a new warning to the errors of European bureaucracy, to the stiff Commission, to the false and undemocratic Parliament, and to the no less disoriented European Central Bank. Italy is fed up. It is fed up with this Europe, it is fed up with the Euro (which, it thinks, prevents it from growing with dignity and makes it long for its Lira,…


Ireland To Receive €920.4 Million From Brexit Adjustment Reserve

Antoinette Tyrrel (European Views) | The European Commission has adopted the decision to reserve €920.4 million in funding for Ireland as part of the Brexit Adjustment Reserve. Ireland is set to be the biggest beneficiary of the Brexit Adjustment Reserve and the first Member State to receive its pre-financing. The Brexit Adjustment Reserve totals €5.4 billion and has been put in place to support all Member States while ensuring a…

Iberdrola Ireland

Iberdrola Acquires 3 GW Offshore Wind Project Pipeline In Ireland

Iberdrola agrees to acquire majority stake in three DP Energy projects on the east, west and south coasts of the country, which will be eligible for the forthcoming offshore auctions in 2025-2030.The company already operates offshore wind farms in UK and German waters, with new developments in the UK, US and France · Including Ireland, Japan, Sweden and Poland, Iberdrola’s offshore wind pipeline now exceeds 30 GW.

Does anyone truly understand Brexit?

Does Anyone Truly Understand Brexit?

Chandra Roy | Back in June 2016, the Brexit referendum vote delivered a momentous verdict that defied all media speculation, procrastinators and polls delivering the unexpected result of a marginal majority to leave the European Union. But what exactly was under contention?

Theresa May’s Brexit speech

Examining Theresa May’s Brexit Speech

John Bruton | On March 2, British Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a key speech on the United Kingdom’s future relationship with the European Union. My first reaction was that the UK is going to put itself and other EU countries through a lot of trouble just so it can leave the union and then rejoin it in selected areas.

Too many questions on Brexit – no trivial solution for an unknown territory

Brexit: May Gets Deal, But The Most Difficult Part Still Lies Ahead

Last Friday, the UK and the European Union finally presented a 15-page exit deal, ending six months of tedious negotiations. According to Julius Baer’s analysts “it was the breakthrough UK Prime Minister May needed so badly”, but looking at the details, “the deal contains some serious political stumbling blocks.”

Italy and Ireland

Italy And Ireland, A History Of Two Debts

Italy’s government debt could set to be 133% of GDP this year – a level that is some 34% higher than it was at the end of 2007. Meanwhile, Ireland’s debt shot up as the government had to bail out the housing and banking sectors post-2007 and by 2012 it was very close to the same level as a percentage of GDP as Italy’s (123%9).