Ireland To Receive €920.4 Million From Brexit Adjustment Reserve

Antoinette Tyrrel (European Views) | The European Commission has adopted the decision to reserve €920.4 million in funding for Ireland as part of the Brexit Adjustment Reserve. Ireland is set to be the biggest beneficiary of the Brexit Adjustment Reserve and the first Member State to receive its pre-financing. The Brexit Adjustment Reserve totals €5.4 billion and has been put in place to support all Member States while ensuring a…

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Corporation tax: Irish soften stance amidst growing international pressure

MADRID | By Sean Duffy | The OECD´s announcement this week that it was initiating a plan to combat tax avoidance schemes from multinationals has been met with almost universal approval across Europe. Ireland in particular has been the subject of criticism from its EU partners. Until recently, the country had determinedly defended its tax policy, famously refusing to negotiate on the issue when the country was in need of an EU bailout back in 2009.

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Eurogroup to park economic stimulus talks

BRUSSELS | By Alexandre Mato | EU finance ministers are meeting in Milan on Friday to focus on Ireland, Greece and Cyprus exit plan to leave their IMF-EU financial assistance programs. The much-needed debate about economic stimulus and growth is not on the agenda, nor will be Scotland, despite the thorny economic implications of an eventual yes vote in the upcoming referendum.


Twitter’s bird makes its nest in Spain

Like other American tech giants such as Facebook, Google or Microsoft, Spain is the new gate for Twitter’s international expansion… although all of them go to Ireland to pay taxes.

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Why the Irish model wouldn’t work for Spain

By Luis Arroyo, in Madrid | Ireland has began to get out of the pit of its crisis and the usual suspects have wasted no time in coming back to tell Spain that it can be done, austerity only is the key. Ireland has gone through a fair amount of pain just to get its head above the water line. A bad bank with the wrong estimations and a bailout…

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BNP Paribas expects Spanish house prices lower than in audits’ base scenario

can you refinance mortgage with bad credit A drop of merely 10 percent in house prices between 2012 and 2014? BNP Paribas believes trends in Ireland and the US make the case for further value losses in Spain. Independent auditors of the Spanish banking sector Oliver Wyman and Roland Berger described their base scenario for the country's housing market in line with the International Monetary Fund's forecasts, and pointed at…