ECB: Mr. Coeure doesn´t have a “heart”

ECB Mr Coeure does not have a heart<p>ECB Mr Coeure does not have a heart</p>

Mr. Coeure doesn´t have a “heart”, but he should if he were guided by the sound of his name!

Coeure told a journalist club on Monday night that the ECB was ready to act, but that the euro zone was not edging towards a dangerous fall in prices.

“Inflation prospects are consistent with our objective, so I don’t see need to use spectacular measures, such as U.S.-style large-scale asset purchases,” Coeure said, adding that the ECB can buy government bonds as long as it does not do so for the purpose of financing governments.

But the Frenchman added that the ECB would keep a close eye on price developments and would be ready to act, if needed. At the same time, there was no evidence of deflation taking root.[in Greece it´s down to -2.9%!).

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