Spanish Exports Are Growing At A Rate Of 22%, More Than German (14%), French (16%) Or Italian (20%) exports

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Luis Alcaide | In the first nine months of 2021 the trade surplus with the EU amounted to €18.855 billion (12.554 billion in the same period of 2020). With the eurozone, the positive balance rose to €20.658 billion. Spanish exports to the rest of the world have grown in these first nine months of the year at a year-on-year rate of 22.1%, to 230 billion euros, while those of the EU and the EZ grew at 17% (Germany at 14.6%, France at 16.2% and Italy at 20.1%). The UK, more sovereign than ever, has to be content with an increase of 7.2%.

The sum of goods and services (data from the Bank of Spain’s Statistical Bulletin to September) shows a surplus of €16.754 billion and the surplus of the balance of payments on current account is €7.748 billion to September. The balance of payments with foreign countries (Germany, Japan, China, etc.) confirms the good health of an economy. The proximity data confirm a recovery: healthy foreign accounts, an increase in tax revenue, a fall in unemployment, together with an increase in social security enrolment and, above all, a very high vaccination rate.

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