Alfonso Guerra, former PSOE Nº 2: “The tendency towards Caesarism in the PSOE is evident”

Alfonso GuerraAlfonso Guerra

The former deputy prime minister and historic leader of the PSOE Alfonso Guerra has criticised the “evident tendency to Caesarism” in the PSOE as it is the secretary general who chooses the people who make up the party leadership or those who make up the lists for the congresses.

This he has indicated in an interview published this Sunday by ‘The Objective’, collected by Europa Press, in which he has described the primaries of the formation as “a deception”, all this when recently the PSOE has expelled the former secretary general of the party in Euskadi Nicolás Redondo under the accusation of “repeated contempt” for the initials of the PSOE after his statements against the possibility that the secretary general of the PSOE and acting Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, can reach an agreement with Junts to govern in exchange for an amnesty law.

“It seems logical to think that if each militant casts a ballot, the election will be as democratic as possible. But listen, the person who is elected in the primaries is the only one appointed by this method, while in the party leadership that is appointed later, where there will be 30 or 40 people, none of them are elected in this way, but the one elected in the primaries”, he lamented.

“The tendency towards Caesarism is evident”, he said, warning that “when you elect the leader by this procedure, he can do whatever he wants and this is not democratic”. “The parties, when they elect their representatives to a congress, don’t actually elect them: the list is made by the leader”, he added.

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