Spaniards Blame Vox And PSOE For Political Tension

The Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) has asked Spaniards about “tension”. A large majority believe that, at “these times”, there is “a lot or quite a lot” and the main culprits are PSOE and Vox. The barometer directed by José Félix Tezanos says that political tension worries 79% of Spaniards and that almost 90% of citizens are calling for an end to it. According to 44.6% of those surveyed, there…


“Saving The PSOE”

On 1 October 2016, the day the PSOE executive kicked Pedro Sánchez out of the party’s general secretariat (his subsequent revenge would be merciless) El País defined Sánchez’s profile in its editorial “Saving the PSOE”: “The inevitable and legitimate dismissal of Pedro Sánchez is the only way out for the party”. “The departure of the PSOE’s secretary general, Pedro Sánchez, is essential…. Sánchez has not turned out to be a…

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Why Sánchez’s PSOE Is Collapsing In Madrid

T.C. | Why has Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE been swept aside in the Madrid elections on May 4th? Because, very much in his usual style, he waited until the 5th to announce to all Spaniards the content of the Recovery Plan sent to Brussels the previous week, with tax hikes on all fronts. So Spain has a government in which everything is about electoral calculation, deceit and contradiction. Something that, at…


Spanish Socialists do financial outing to regain public trust

MADRID | By Fernando G. Urbaneja | Still digesting their historic-low European election results, the Spanish socialists (PSOE) are trying to recover people’s trust by publishing their accounting in a quarterly report. This is the least that we can ask from parties, trade unions, employers and any others living on the State and the taxpayers. Without passing any law, the PSOE –who lost millions of votes in the last general polls- is taking the lead amid corruption scandals affecting numerous Spanish public figures.