PSOE lodges complaint against three newspapers for polls they get right


The Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) presented this Thursday before the Central Electoral Board (JEC) a complaint against ABC, El Mundo and El Español, and the opinion institutes that carry out their electoral polls -GAD3, Sigma2 and Sociométrica, respectively-, a measure that acquires special relevance when it comes to the main party that supports the Government. The Socialists’ number three, Santos Cerdán, demands from the accused, in the light of article 69 of the Loreg (Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime), such ‘transcendental’ questions as the dissemination of the registered office of these companies or the number of people who have not answered each question, something that, in fact, is not done by the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS) of José Félix Tezanos.

Among Cerdán’s claims to the media and opinion institutes is also the demand that the “technical characteristics of the survey be made public, which necessarily include the following: sampling system, sample size, margin of error, level of representativeness, procedure for selecting the respondents and the date on which the fieldwork was carried out”. However, what is most surprising, ABC explains, is “that ABC and GAD3 say that they do not specify the number of people who do not answer each of the questions, when according to industry sources, not even the CIS does so”.

Cerdán requests that the CEC declare that the companies and the media have violated the Loreg; that the companies and the media publish the required information within three days of the resolution and that the newspapers publish it, and that a decision be taken as soon as possible “given the importance of the matter”.

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