Proposed amnesty law: “The government talks of “concord” and what it generates is discord”


“The Government talks about “concord” and what it generates is discord, promoting its amnesty against half of the country”, explains El Mundo in its editorial today, entitled “A monument to the arbitrariness of power”. And it explains that “The Amnesty Bill registered by the Socialist Group in Congress is the greatest example of arbitrariness and the consecration of institutional lies that our country has known in recent decades. The primary falsehood of the future law is a glaring absence in its wording: that of its sole and authentic motivation, which is none other than the perpetuation in power of the incumbent president”.

“An amnesty without reason that protects corruption and terrorism”, headlines El Español. El Economista, meanwhile calls it an “Amnesty tailored to Puigdemont”, and explains how the final text not only delegitimises the judiciary but also implies a total amnesty for the procès between 2012 and 2023 by freeing all the leaders who promoted the Catalan self-determination referendum of November 9 2014 and the October 1 2017 independence referendum from being accountable to the courts. ….

On the other hand, the press that supports Pedro Sánchez (El País, la Sexta, RTVE…) explains, as does the daily Público, that “The PSOE alone defends the amnesty law as “an essential tool for coexistence” while the acting Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, explains the details and the objective of a law that aims to close wounds and resolve the political conflict with Catalonia.

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