Only 11% Of Spanish Firms Are Selling Their Products And Services In The Global Market Amid The Pandemic

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Iberinform | In the coming months, the uneven evolution of the different markets as they exit the crisis will provide an opportunity for those companies capable of grabbing the opportunities of the recovery in the global market. However, 89% of Spanish companies only operate in the domestic market, with no prospects outside our borders. This data has emerged from nearly 250,000 interviews conducted by Iberinform with the management teams of Spanish firms.

Only 11% of Spanish companies are facing the challenges of this pandemic selling their products and services in the global market. Although the rate may seem low, it is nevertheless an improvement on 2019. Despite the protectionist escalation affecting world trade, Spanish companies’ internationalisation has grown four points compared to the picture in 2019, when only 8% of the productive network targeted other markets. The communities closest to the French border or the Mediterranean have a more open business network, with a higher percentages of companies which consider their market to be global. The sectorial composition is also relevant. In this sense, industrial companies (20%) and logistics (17%) think more globally compared to services (9%) and construction (2%). The latter work more close to home.

Nine out of ten Spanish companies will have to face up to the exit from the pandemic with the opportunities offered by the domestic market, which in some cases is limited to their own municipality. Only 33% of companies operate throughout Spain. Of these, 5% have their Autonomous Community as their reference market, 32% their province and 19% do not sell outside their pwn municipality.

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