Bien! Unemployment numbers in Spain reduced by 6,632 people

kjhgMADRID | The number of unemployment benefit claimants in Spain in April fell by 6,632, bringing the total down to 4,744,235 people according to data released Friday by the ministry of Employment and National Insurance.

Although this is the first decline in eight months, analysts pointed out that the little improvement in unemployment figures was mainly due to temporary hiring during Easter and was lower than expected. On average, experts polled by Bloomberg had forecast a decline by 15,000 people. It is also lower than in April last year, when unemployment fell by 64,309 people. In annual terms, the increase in the number of unemployed rose to 474,875 people, that is 11.12% more.

Seasonally adjusted, unemployment stood at 4,634,852, representing 70,661 more unemployed people than in March.

By sectors, industry registered 1,828 new unemployed people and there also was an increase in the group without previous employment by 2,473. By contrast, numbers declined in services, with 8,304 fewer unemployed people while in construction the fall was by 1,388 and 1,241 unemployed people were discounted in agriculture.

Youth employment improved in the fourth month of the year as unemployment among the under-25-year-old people decreased by 8,121 over the previous month, according to the ministry.

For regions, unemployment fell in ten autonomous communities, with declines in Andalusia of 7,571 people, in Balearic Islands with 6,315 fewer unemployed, and in Catalonia with 2,526 fewer unemployed. Unemployment rose in seven other autonomous regions, led by Canary Islands with 5,053 newly unemployed, and Valencia with 2,961.

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