Spain Strengthens The Supply Of Natural Gas To France During The Cold Spell Thanks To Interconnections

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Spain has strengthened the supply of natural gas to Europe via France, consolidating its position as a transit country for this fossil fuel, at a time of high demand on the continent due to the cold spell which is affecting a lot of neigbouring countries. According to data from Enagás, the Spanish gas system supplied a total of 22 GWh of natural gas to France on 28 February, via the interconnections from Irún, Guipúzcoa and Larrau in Spain.

This figure is equivalent to the supply for a city like Zaragoza for one day. Furthermore, the capacity contracted by the gas distributors for this Thursday in the direction of France is 204 GWh. This situation coincides with a low level of natural gas storage in Europe because of the situation at the end of the winter. Enagás, headed up by Antonio Llardén, flags that the flow of natural gas from Spain towards France on the last day of February strengthens the gas supply to France in the cold spell thanks to the interconnections.

At the market close on February 28, the price/MWh in Spain was 38,10 euros, according to data from Mibgas, compared with the 47,84 euros in France, the 52,68 euros in Germany or the 54,41 euros in Italy. Enagás highlights that thanks to the strength of its gas infrastructure, Spain has one of the most diversified and safe supplies in the world. In fact, the Spanish gas system has seven LNG terminals, four underground storage facilities and a network of over 12.000 kilometres of high pressure gas pipelines.

Whatsmore, it has six interconnections: two with the producing countries in North Africa via Tarifa (Cádiz) and Almeria, two with Portugal via Tui (Pontevedra) and Badajoz and those already mentioned in Larrau and Irún with France.


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