Unemployment Falls By 11,394 People In Its Best February Since 2015, With A Record Number Of Permanent Contracts

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The labour reform boosts permanent contracts to almost 22% of the total and more than doubles them with respect to 2021. In the last year, unemployment accumulated a record drop of 897,105 people, which is 22.4% less jobless.

The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services (formerly Inem) fell by 11,394 unemployed in February (-0.3%), its best rebound in this month since 2015, when unemployment fell by 13,538 people. The fall in unemployment in February brought the total number of unemployed to 3.111,684 people, according to data published on Wednesday by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy.

Since 1996, the year in which the comparable historical series began, there have been increases in unemployment in 12 Februaries and decreases in 15. This year’s is the fourth largest decline in the series, only surpassed by the years 1999 (-18,646 unemployed), 2004 (-13,261 unemployed) and 2015 (-13,538). In 2021, unemployment increased in February by 44,436 people.

Unemployment fell in February in the services sector, which reduced the number of jobless by 11,238 (-0.5%); in construction, where it fell by 7,199 persons (-2.9%), and in industry, which recorded 2,625 fewer unemployed (-1%). On the other hand, the number of unemployed without previous employment rose by 3,125 (+1.3%) and in agriculture, there were 6,543 more unemployed (+4.4%).

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