Austerity haunts Germany: Wednesday’s chart

All the way from Afi analysts in Madrid, we got this simple and colourful chart comparing purchasing managers index figures of different countries in September 2011 (because it was the month when global manufacturing activity recorded the latest lowest levels) and March-April 2012, with a third column that brings up the variation between those dates. The fact is that cyclical divergence between the euro zone and the rest of the economies has increased.

“After the minimums registered in manufacturing PMI in September 2011, activity data has improved in many economies like in China, Brazil, India and Japan,” experts comment, “whereas the accumulated deterioration in most European countries is remarkable, Germany included.”

At Afi, economists say the trend is unfortunately a solid one and blame it on the constrictions in credit the euro periphery nations are suffering nowadays.


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London contributor at, reporting about the City and the Eurozone economies. He regularly writes for Spanish newspaper group Prensa Ibérica--some of his features include shared work with journalists of The Daily Telegraph and the BBC.

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