Angus Deaton


The Bottom Billion And The Voice Of A Nobel Prize

“The need to impose good governance comes to the forefront among providers of development aid. But no one knows well how to get it.” The quote from Collier’s book only has as its objective to remind us that humanity continues without overcoming the “trap” of underdevelopment,  and therefore without resolving the problem of poverty in the world.



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British economist Angus Deaton awarded by BBVA Foundation

MADRID | British economist Angus Deaton was chosen Tuesday for the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the category of Economics, Finance and Management in this fourth edition. Mr Deaton is professor at Princeton University (United States), and the jury selected him for “his fundamental contributions to the theory of consumption, savings and the measurement of economic wellbeing. “His research,” the jury added, “applies rigorous methods to important real world…