This Apple is bitten, but not rotten

José María Notari, markets analyst, is optimistic about Apple. Although the company seems to be losing territory to competitors, which like Samsung get stronger by the day, Apple is still a winner.

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Reading the tea leaves of Apple-Samsung’s battle

Apple-Samsung war is far from over. Steve Job’s company got what it wanted from the jury -more than $1 billion- but it’s still fighting to get a ban on eight models of the South Korean company’s smartphones, including its Galaxy S devices. This is how the two giants, which once played as friendly competitors, have reacted: Apple: “The mountain of evidence presented during the trail showed that Samsung’s copying went…

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Who pays the price in the smartphone market fight

NEW YORK | It is a battle that started about two years ago. Samsung and Apple’s endless dispute over intellectual property arrives to court this Monday in California. Together the two companies account for more than 50 percent of all the world’s smartphone sales. A jury will have to determine if any of them has infringed copyright laws against the other. On one side of the ring, Apple, that filed…


Who is paying the price of Apple’s entrance to the Chinese market?

BEIJING | The launch of the new Ipad in China seems to be nearer now that Apple managed to get rid of the biggest barrier it was facing: the legal dispute with the Chinese company Proview. It seems Apple underestimated the fact that they were targeting a strategic market with a product named after a trademark that already existed in the country. For Proview, Ipad was just a name. But for…


Apple opens its war chest: isn’t it what they are supposed to do?

NEW YORK | You may have been subjected to all the hyperbolic coverage of Apple. You may already be fed up with all those free advertisement in the mass media whenever Apple puts their new gadget in the market; irritated by the lack of respect for labour rights of its providers, like the now infamous Foxconn. You might be feeling all that-  although you will soon forget about it if…


US huge corporate cash piles: 41% sits in foreign accounts

NEW YORK | It is the latest mantra on Wall Street: US companies are sitting on a lot of cash, $1,2 trillion, and that’s only counting non-financial companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500, says the Association for the Financial Professionals. This is a record: up 70% from 2007 and 200% for the past 10 years. This huge war chest makes a lot of people wonder: what are they waiting for?…

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Goldman Boys again in the spotlight for inside trading

NEW YORK | US authorities’ investigation into insider trading at hedge funds is expanding quickly. The last case: a Goldman Sachs IT analyst may have leaked insider information to hedge funds. According to the Wall Street Journal, Henry King, senior technology analyst at the bank in Hong Kong and one of the big fish of his field, well-known for his apologetic forecasts about IT firms, allegedly advised Goldman Sachs clients…