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Telefónica wonders at AT&T’s news on takeover bid

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | The rumour about a friendly takeover bid from the US telecomunications group AT&T to acquire 100% of Telefónica has moved the Madrid Stock Exchange on Monday. The offer would have included a payment of €70 billion as well as the absortion of Telefónica’s €52 billion debt.


US huge corporate cash piles: 41% sits in foreign accounts

NEW YORK | It is the latest mantra on Wall Street: US companies are sitting on a lot of cash, $1,2 trillion, and that’s only counting non-financial companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500, says the Association for the Financial Professionals. This is a record: up 70% from 2007 and 200% for the past 10 years. This huge war chest makes a lot of people wonder: what are they waiting for?…