Volkswagen analysis

Volkswagen sales reach €76,198m (+21.5%) in 1Q23, while BMW’s total €36,853m 8 (-64%)

Norbolsa | Volkswagen yesterday posted sales and operating profit above consensus expectations, €76,198M (+21.5%) against €72,300M estimated and €4,730M (versus -29.9% year-on-year) as opposed to €4,076M, respectively, mainly driven by volume, strong pricing and product mix. Geographically, growth was largely attributable to strong growth in Europe and NAFTA, while on the negative side, deliveries in China declined by -14.5%. Meanwhile, BMW released its 1Q23 results, coming in above consensus expectations….

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EZ investor confidence dropped to its lowest level in a year

MADRID | The Corner | The Eurozone Sentix Index fell 2.7 points in August, its lowest level in a year, from 10.1 reached in July. The analysts’ consensus had expected that the indicator would go back to 9 points. Sentix attributes in a press release this decline to the approved economic sanctions against Russia and points out that “As this slump derives from an event which is subject to politics and power play, the central banks, particularly the European Central Bank, will have difficulty in trying to counter this.”