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O2 sale, LatAm weakness are challenges for new Telefonica chairman

If Telefonica approves the choice of  current CEO José María Álvarez-Pallete to replace Cesar Alierta as Chairman, he will be the first Executive Chairman not to be appointed by the Spanish government. Alvarez-Pallete will face two main challenges: securing European Commission approval for the sale of O2 and dealing with the weakness of the LatAm economies, particularly Brazil.


César Alierta Ends His Tenure As Executive Chairman Of Telefónica

Telefónica’s Board of Directors will consider the appointment of José María Álvarez-Pallete as the company’s new Executive Chairman at its next meeting on April 8th. The proposal has been made by current Chief Executive César  Alierta, who believes Álvarez-Pallete is the best prepared executive to face the challenges of the digital revolution.

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Telefonica’s good numbers don’t convince the market

Fernando Barciela |At first sight, Telefonica’s third quarter and nine months to September results couldn’t be better. Between January and September, the company posted a 12% rise in consolidated revenues to 35.4 billion euros. Net income increased by a spectacular 69.6% to 46 billion euros in the same period.