Germany's fears China

Germany’s Fears Continue To Increase (Now It’s China)

In February, acquisitions by Chinese investors in Germany reached a new dimension. A Chinese multi-millionaire has become the biggest shareholder in Daimler AG. The entrance of the influential Li Shufu into the world of Mercedes is proof of the scary Chinese presence in German companies (Deutsche Bank, the robots manufacturer Kuka and in many high tech firms).

Donald Trump war on Republicans

Dismantling Donald Trump And His Policies

With his policies, particularly protectionism, Trump is about to throw the US’ world leadership in the bin. He sold an illusion to his voters since the industrial jobs which disappeared with globalisation and technology will not return. What is clear is that the consequences will hurt us all.

Renewables Generate a Quarter of China’s Energy; Solar, Wind Lag

Fan Ruohong and Chen Na via Caixin | Renewable energy accounted for nearly a quarter of China’s power generation last year, even as wind and solar farms with 39 billion kilowatt-hours of capacity sat idle due to poor planning in the rush to meet Beijing’s ambitious green energy targets, the National Energy Administration (NEA) said.

China Report Highlights Need for Pension Reform to Rescue Poor Provinces

Shi Rui, Wang Luyi, Li Rongde via Caixin | The number of provinces with pension spending deficits doubled over the last year, according to a new report, underscoring the urgency for creating a national system that would let wealthier coastal regions subsidize poorer interior ones. Pension funds in six provinces paid out more money than they collected in 2015, up from three regions a year earlier, according to the 2015 China Social Security Development Report compiled by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.



Farewell Medal Mania, Hello Sports Reform

Hu Shuli via Caixin | Chinese sports fans following the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro have noticed something different about the latest generation of Olympians representing their country. Today’s young athletes are a lot less inclined to cry if they fail to win a gold medal. It’s a whole new ball game: China has replaced a form of gold-medal worship with true appreciation for athletic endeavors and achievement.

Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect: what you need to know

Wang Yuqian via Caixin | It will be another four months before the much-anticipated Shenzhen Hong Kong stock connect system finally goes online and provides another bridge between the mainland and the offshore stock markets. The stock exchanges in Shenzen and Hong Kong jointly made an announcement yesterday, providing investors with some details of how the system is going to work.