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The Creation Of Companies In Spain Grows To Pre-Covid19 Rates In August

In August up to 5,407 new companies joined the Spanish business network compared to 5,407 in the same month last year, leaving behind five consecutive months of declines due to the Covid-19 crisis, reported the Association of Registrars. Specifically, the incorporation of companies grew by 8.4% year-on-year in August, compared to the 72.1% drop recorded in April, the 56.4% fall in May, the drop of 10 pct in June and the more moderate decline of 3.4% in July.

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Companies’ destruction in Spain approaching end of the tunnel

MADRID | The Corner | Almost 8,000 companies were created in Spain in October, according to official figures, around 3% more y-o-y. The rate of businesses destruction went down by -12.2%, showing the economy’s slight improvement. However, unemployment still sits painfully at  23.7% and entrepreneurs still complain about red tape and other restrictions.