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ECB next stress test to affect just 50-60 banks

The European Central Bank will examine the European banking sector again in 2016. The stress test will maintain the same structure as in 2014, but the Asset Quality Review will not be carried out this time round.

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Spanish banks may thrive in ECB capital requirements harmonisation

The Corner | February 25, 2015 | European banks will have to raise more and better quality capital to meet the single supervisor’s requirements, ECB’s Danièle Nouy warned on Tuesday, since the absence of a common regulation is one of the  industry’s main challenges. “That would be positive for Spanish banks since regulation in our country is one of the strictest in Europe,” experts at ACF commented.

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Daniele Nouy: “We are ready to assume EU banking supervision”

BRUSSELS | By Alexandre Mato | The head of the ECB’s financial watchdog, Daniele Nouy, asserted her belief before EU legislators that entities will arise stronger in the near future. Moreover, on the eve of the Single Supervisory Mechanism taking control of financial supervision, the French official expects that most of the capital shortfall will be filled by an influx of fresh private money.