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Spain Elections: Who Won The Economic Debate?

Economic forerunners from the four Spanish leading parties engaged themselves in a confusing TV debate on Sunday night. The moderator was much to blame as she hardly clarified the key policy issues, although the participants also proved unable to put forward a coherent analysis of what is at stake in these elections.

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Dijsselbloem hangs onto the Eurogroup Presidency: “I have a job”

BRUSSELS | By Alexandre Mato | After displaying a substantial diplomacy effort during the summer, Spain may be losing the battle. Jeroem Dijsselbloem wants to keep himself as Eurogroup President with the goodwill of his goverment. At the boxing ring’s opposite corner is Spain’s candidate, Economy Minister Luis de Guindos. In front of the Europarliament Economic Committe on Thursday, Dijsselbloem insisted that his term will end in July next year and he is “determined to fulfill it”. 

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When Spain’s banking sector progresses, Europe Moves Forward Too

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | What is good for Spain is good for Europe. Certainly, while recognising that the country “has pulled back from severe problems in some parts of its banking sector, thanks to its reform and policy actions,” the European authorities’ fifth review does not omit the fact that this has been achieved “with the support of the euro area and broader European initiatives.”

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Weekend read | De Guindos: Spain has a plan [video]

His message was clear, no frills: “We are paying the consequences of Germany and France breaking the Fiscal Pact in 2003,” stated Spain’s economy minister Luis de Guindos on Friday at the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington. In his first official visit to the US, Mr De Guindos tried to spur US confidence, explaining the key points of financial and labour reforms in Spain. “Europe and Spain’s main problem…


De Guindos to explain Spanish plan to grow

“We have a plan to combine fiscal consolidation with structural reforms in order to jumpstart growth in the country and help stabilize the euro area.” This was the core message of the Spanish minister of Economy and Competiveness Luis de Guindos’ speech on Friday at the Brookings Institution, a center-left Washington-based think tank. In his first official trip to the US, De Guindos also held a meeting with the most…