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Emerging Europe is no brighter spot

By CaixaBank research | In emerging Europe, has the slowdown touched bottom? The bulk of the evidence available suggests that it hasn’t and that the fourth quarter will be worse than the third.


Emerging Europe: financial relief, macroeconomic weakness

By CaixaBank Research | Emerging Europe continues to present two very different faces: while it has been going through a relatively calm time since the summer in terms of the financial stress resulting from the euro area’s sovereign debt crisis, the trend in data for activity has yet to improve to any notable extent.


Emerging Europe: euro contagion, Hungary and economic slowdown

By CaixaBank research team, in Barcelona | With half of 2012 already gone, three issues continue to be fundamental in order to strike some sort of balance in the situation for emerging Europe: the intensity of the financial contagion entailed by the debt crisis, Hungary’s situation and the extent of the slowdown in activity. Starting with the first of these issues, the trend in risk premia, measured by the value…


Emerging Europe: at two speeds

By CaixaBank research team, in Barcelona | As the year advances, it seems to confirm that the EU economies of emerging Europe are moving at two speeds, as is also the case of the European Union as a whole. Focusing on the five countries we usually review in this report (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic), the first two are keeping up a slightly faster pace in activity…