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EMU CPI comes out better than expected, both headline (4.3%) and core (4.5%) rates

Bankinter: Inflation has fallen significantly and more than expected in September. The General Rate stands at +4.3% against +4.5% expected and +5.2% previously. In the month-on-month comparison, inflation has risen more than expected,+1.7% against 1.3% expected and +0.2% previously. The Underlying Rate, which excludes the most volatile items of the indicator, stands at +4.5% against +4.8% expected and +5.3% previously. By components, energy is the one that has most contributed…


Mr Sinn on EMU Core Countries’ Inflation

By Franceso Saraceno | Where [President of CESifo Group Hans-Werner Sinn and I] disagree is on how to trigger the demand-driven boom. Mr Sinn expects this to happen thanks to market mechanisms, just because of the reversal of capital flows that the crisis triggered. He argues that the capital which foolishly left Germany to be invested in peripheral countries, being repatriated would trigger an investment and property boom in Germany, that would reduce German’s current account surplus. This and this alone would be needed. Not a policy of wage increases, useless, nor a fiscal expansion even more useless. Problem is, the data speak against Mr Sinn’s belief. Since the crisis hit, capital massively left peripheral countries, and yet this did not fuel domestic demand in Germany.


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“People forget that QE is a Japanese innovation”

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes | In a blow to PM Shinzo Abe, the Japanese inflation rate fell to its lowest level in over a year in November (0.7% from a 0.9% rise the previous month, according to government data released Friday), complicating efforts of the central bank to end more than a decade of chronic price falls. Does this mean, as stimulus sceptics put it, that the Abenomics are doomed? Advisor to the new government and one of the 100 Most Influential People for Japan according to Nikkei Business, William H. Saito believes we have been quick to judge their strategy. As he explained to me, they have “many plan B’s left.”