There Are Good Reasons For The Strong Ongoing Rally In Chinese Equities

Mobin Tahir (Wisdom Tree) | The S&P China 500 Index is up 17.7% and the CSI 300 Index is up 16.8% year-to-date.Breakneck gains in stock markets create excitement, but also raise fears of bubbles. There are good reasons for the strong ongoing rally in Chinese equities, and – although risks lurk on the horizon – we aren’t in bubble territory.

European equities

European equity markets: “All the ideas are priced in”

Ana Fuentes | Funds´ volume of cash has reduced considerably in February and Europe is the region that has most benefited from asset allocation. A report by BofA Securities indicates that just in February $11.8bn has entered European equity markets. “All the ideas are put in the price”, explains Oscar Anaya, head of institutional sales at Tradition Securities and Futures Spain, “In one sense it is normal, but we are rather left in no man´s territory”.



De-stressing about Chinese equities

MADRID | They’ve been scaring us with an eventual China crash which would drag the world’s economy. And yet Daily Telegraph’s Roger Bootle insists there is no reason to panic here. The ratio of tradeable equities to GDP is running at just under 30%, while in most countries it exceeds 100%. See the New York Stock Exchange on the graph.

Bond markets

Bond markets riskier than stocks

The Corner | June 8, 2015 | After all, equities are supported by the cycle and the upturn in business results. On the other hand, bond markets are negatively affected by the improvement of the economic outlook and a scenario where deflation is not considered anymore.

Equities across the Atlantic

Equities: Diverging trends in Europe and US

May 6, 2015 | UBS | April European cash equity volumes remained flat but were +27% ahead of the same month last year. In the US, combined average daily NYSE and NASDAQ value traded was down -4% m/m and -6% y/y. 

No Picture

2015 Outlook: The year of Equities, the US and Spain

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | The designs of the markets are unfathomable. Mario Draghi might forget the QE idea and the British housing sector might collapse. These are some of the Saxo Bank’s ludicrous forecasts for 2015. A year ago they claimed there would be a default in the Russian debt and the collapse of the oil price, and they were right. Nonetheless, most of the experts that talked to The Corner agree on a scenario for 2015 led by the ECB’s quantitative easing, the oil price reduction and low interest rates.