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Gender Mainstreaming In The EU Budget: Time To Turn Words Into Action

The European Court of Auditors assessed whether gender mainstreaming had been applied in the EU budget from 2014 onwards. Their conclusion is that there is not yet any effective framework to support gender mainstreaming, and that the EU’s budget cycle has not adequately taken gender equality into account.They found that only 4 out of the 58 2014-2020 spending programmes had explicit gender-related objectives.

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New EU Budget Cuts CAP By 10% But Strengthens Regional Funds

On last Tuesday, leaders agreed on a Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) of €1.074 Bn for 2021-2027. The European Union budget for the next seven years cuts agricultural funding by 10% compared to the previous Community financial framework, with the amount now standing at €343.9 Bn. Meanwhile, the allocation of cohesion funds has been boosted by 2.7% to €377 Bn.


The Hanseatic League and the EU Budget

In order to strengthen the Dutch government’s decisive contribution to the EU’s internal fiscal dumping, which drains tens of billions of euros of public resources from the states that do not enforce this, the Rutte government is opposed to the adoption of directives that seek to limit unfair tax competition in company taxation and to which it proposes changing the procedure from unanimity to qualified majority voting on tax rules.


Amid Spanish Farmers’ Protests, The EU Budget Cuts Agriculture And Cohesion Funds Significantly

Bankia Estudios| The initial proposal of the European Council for 2021-27 budget includes a significant cut with respect to the previous budget (1.16% of GDP in 2014-20). The budgetary debate takes place amid strong protests that the agricultural sector in Spain has been carrying out for almost a month. The falls in agricultural income in 2019 (-9%) and the fear of this decrease in CAP support are behind the malaise of the Spanish farm sector, but it is not the only reason.

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EU Budget: Deal agreed for 2014

BRUSSELS | By EU observer via Presseurop | Negotiators from the Council for the European Union and the European Parliament agreed an EU budget for 2014 in the early hours of November 12, bringing the prospect of an agreement on financing for the 2014-2020 period a step closer, writes news website EUobserver.

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This eurocrisis needs a different EU budget

By Niels Goet, founder of the new blog  | They might between the three of them have saved a few hundred million to a billion Euros for their taxpayers; but this comes at the expense of the ability of the EU to tackle some of the important problems Europe has to deal with.


Why the European Union will succeed

Ronny Patz | We seem far from having only technocratic European debates. We seem far from only hearing national politician’s views on the national aspects of European politics.

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What’s next for the EU budget

By Ralf Grahn, lawyer | Political agreement among the heads of state or government is not the end of the EU budget story. According to Article 312(2) Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), the Council needs the consent of at least 378 MEPs (a majority of the 754 members).

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EU budget and selfishness | The EU’s 27 leaders are now meeting to discuss the European Union’s 2014-2020 budget and will probably reach an agreement. But they will do so by making the usual petty deals that compromise the future, warns Le Monde.