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A Santander-BBVA Merger Would Be Lower Risk Than Other European Banking Operations, According To A&M Firm

A hypothetical merger between Banco Santander and BBVA would mean the largest merger in European banking. It would also have a high return on investment and low integration risk, according to the services firm Alvarez & Marsal and reported by Europa Press. In its latest report called ‘The Pulse of European Banking’, the firm has analysed merger and acquisition opportunities amongst the major European banks in terms of investor return,…

UBS CreditSuisse

Another Banking Merger On The Horizon: UBS Considers A Possible Merger With Credit Suisse

The presidents of UBS Group and Credit Suisse Group would be exploring a potential merger to create one of Europe’s largest banks. Both banks are undergoing changes at the top management level and are under pressure to reduce costs. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic is sparking renewed interest in consolidation in Europe. The news comes in the wake of just over a week of the announcement about the potential consolidation of two Spanish entities operating in the same market – CaixaBank and Bankia.

The ECB's decision on interest rates hits the European banking sector

The ECB’s Decision On Interest Rates Hits The European Banking Sector

The ECB changed their forward guidance in yesterday’s meeting, signaling the hold in rates “at least to the end of 2019” along with a new round of TLTROs, in order to keep the credit flowing. Dave Lafferty, chief strategist at Natixis IM, reports: “If you were waiting for evidence that European monetary policy has turned the corner, you’ll definitely be disappointed… if not surprised.”


Sareb: Criticised In Spain, Praised In Brussels And Germany

Judging by the latest valuations which have appeared in the press, the balance of the first five years of Spain’s bad bank, Sareb, is little less than disastrous. But the bank’s performance has been praised by Brussels and by Germany, who have said it has completed its objective of stabilising the Spanish financial system.

Red gloves

The European banking sector fight behind DTAs

BRUSSELS | April 17, 2015 | By Alexandre Mato | Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece are under the European watchdog scrutiny because of the fiscal rules applied to the current Deferred Tax Assets (DTAs) framework. If proven illegal state aids used to bolster capital ratios, banks would suffer a big bite (4-5%) on their capital levels. However, legislators and the Economic Committee Secretary have admitted to The Corner that they doubt the DTAs investigation was launched due to MEP concerns.