FOMC meeting

Jay Powell

No Action From Fed – But They May Not Have The Luxury Of Inaction For Longer

Monex Europe | The FOMC kept rates unchanged, extended its swap facility, and added language to its statement emphasizing that the path of the US economy depended heavily on the path of the virus. In our view, outcome-based forward guidance is likely as early as September, when the FOMC will have a new batch of projections, as well as hard data indicating the costs of the second wave of COVID-19 infections.

Fed chair Janet Yellen

The Fed Should Transmit A Message Of Confidence

Better placed observers, such as the Financial Times, bet this week’s FOMC meeting should serve as a test of its members’ mood regarding the planned increase in US rates. Janet Yellen lacks the authority her predecessors commanded and wants to make sure this critical decision garners full support.


Fed to stay dovish in new rates regime

The Corner | June 17, 2015 | The Federal Open Market Committee’s policy statement, due to be released today at 1800 GMT, is widely expected to signal a first rates’ hike in September. For the first time in eight years the outcome of the meeting is not constrained by the “forward guidance” commitment. Is the US economy healthy enough?