global crisis

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Forex: “there will be no outright collapse of the euro zone in 2012”

LONDON | Analysts at Forex, the retail division of Gain Capital, a global provider of online trading services, expect worldwide economic growth to stall, increasing the possibility of a global recession.  As a result, they foresee the USD becoming a global safe haven, taking strength from repeated waves of risk aversion triggered by potential events such as EU sovereign ratings downgrades, weak economic data, and ongoing credit market stresses in Europe. The 1Q…

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“Investors are about to realise the US economy is in trouble, too”

Another crystal clear note from Nordkapp analysts in Madrid: “If Germany keeps its ironclad determination of not accept the monetisation of the bad sovereign debt in the hands of the banks, if the holes in the Spanish banks are not monetised, if a haircut is not applied to Greek debt, an exit to the crisis with all its consequences will be delayed. Each day that passes without resolving the crisis…