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Gold Outlook To Q2 2022: Needs To Catch Up With Inflation Reality

Nitesh Shah (Wisdom Tree) | After staging a recovery for most of Q2 2021, drawdowns in June and August 2021 have set the metal back. Based on our modelling framework, gold looks severely under-priced. Red-hot inflation – currently above 5% – should point to a gold price above US$2000/oz, yet we are currently languishing around the $1785/oz handle. As Figure 1 below shows, our model indicates that in July 2021,…


Gold price relates to real interest rates

DWS | Although gold is considered a hedge against inflation, what is true that, over the last decade, it has closely followed the evolution of real interest rates: when those fall, the price of gold tends to rise.


Commodities-A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

Following the reopening of the US Government after its shutdown, the market has been operating without data from both the US Department of Agriculture and speculative positioning data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Next report by Wisdom Tree covers a period of three months about commodity markets.


Gold, Always Believe In Your Soul…

BoAML | Moving into 3Q16, we are updating the price deck for the mined commodities. Given the various shocks to the global economy and keeping in mind that uncertainty remains high, we have become slightly more cautious on the base metals.