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When Bitcoin Capitalises As Much As All The Gold In The World

Pablo Pardo (Washington) | The United States, like practically all countries in the world, is in a situation of uncertainty. Jobs are being created, but less than expected in a recovery that will lead this year and next to the highest GDP growth in three and a half decades. And jobs are being created despite the fact that companies say they are unable to find workers. Because, despite the withdrawal…


A Moment In Markets – Was It A Shift In Sentiment?

Mobeen Tahir, Associate Director, Research, WisdomTree | On Tuesday, 11 August, gold fell by over 5% and silver retreated nearly 15% prompting investors to wonder if there had been a material shift in market sentiment. Are defensive hedges no longer required? How important are gold and silver as risk sentiment improves? A glance towards the wider market, and indeed economic fundaments, can help answer these questions.

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Global Gold M&A Heats Up In Q2’20

BofA Global Research | Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the global gold sector “heated” up in Q2’20 with twelve transactions announced (highest quarterly total since Q4’12) with a total transaction value of $2.86 billion, nearly double that in Q1’20. Historically global gold sector M&A activity heats up during times of buoyant gold prices. The “elephant-in-the-room” was SSR Mining’s friendly $1.71 billion all share merger with Alacer Gold on May 11 2020. The remaining eleven transactions ranged in size from $27mn to $238mn.

gold can be considered a sound currency, as the "ultimate means of payment".

The Gold Rally Continues

Carsten Menke, Head Next Generation Research, Julius Baer | The gold rally continues. Prices pushed higher yesterday, approaching USD 1,800 per ounce for the first time since 2011. Looking back, there were just 26 days in gold’s history on which it traded above that level, almost all of them occurring in August and September 2011, i.e. during the eurozone debt crisis. Holdings of physically backed gold products, our preferred gauge of safe-haven demand, recorded 95 tonnes of inflows in June, taking the year-to-date total to more than 710 tonnes. These are the biggest inflows ever. 

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Gold In Times Of Economic Crisis And Social Revolution

Degussa | Unfortunately, those blaming capitalism are barking up the wrong tree. For all their critique of inflationary money, economic hardship and rising inequality are the direct results of governments’ successful war against capitalism, which has been replaced by a system of interventions; the free market system was replaced by a system of decrees and prohibitions, all of which are incompatible with capitalism in the true sense. Against this backdrop, the question arises: How come that people put all the blame on capitalism rather than interventionism-socialism? 


Gold: Tossed And Torn By The Virus

As investors are still struggling to properly price the impact of the coronavirus, volatility in financial markets remains elevated. Risk-on sentiment returned to the markets yesterday, putting pressure on gold. Barring a longer-lasting impact on Chinese growth, we do not expect much more fundamental short-term support from the virus for gold. However, on a longer-term horizon we still see upside and maintain a Constructive view.


The Inflationary Supply Of Unbacked US Dollars And The Price Of Gold

Let us talk about the relation between the US dollar price of gold and the quantity of US dollar. In fact, one would think that it is, economically speaking, a rather straightforward relationship: All you need is to compare the supply of physical gold and the quantity of US dollar.


Gold: Ready For A Move Higher To About US$1320/Oz

The yellow metal fell 4% in the three months from the end of June — a decline that analysts at Wisdom Tree do not believe is justified by the 11 basis-point rise in bond yields and 0.4% gain in the US dollar over the period. Rather, gold’s poor performance seems to have been driven by a collapse in sentiment.