Spanish public debt

Fiscal rectitude lags behind in Spain

Spain’s public deficit ranks as the highest one in the eurozone, with the exception of Cyprus. Up to now, a set of exceptional circumstances has allowed for a stance of benign neglect at visible cost. But dangers loom ahead if fiscal rectitude is not firmly enforced.

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Hollande’s new government ready for reforms

MADRID | The Corner | The economy is stagnant, the confidence of businesses and consumers continues to decline and unemployment is touching new highs. France is being forced to carry out reforms from all sides, hence François Hollande and Manuel Valls have chosen the social democrat Emmanuel Macron as Minister of Economy, confirming their willingness to pursue the economic reform agenda.

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Too much government staff? Not in Spain

NEW YORK | In the debate over austerity and government spending some throw the question of 'oversized administrations'. Are there too many government workers in Europe? And in the U.S.? Should the numbers be reduced? The Spanish Secretary of State for public administration Antonio Beteta has apologized to the unions for suggesting last week that workers should “forget about having their morning coffee break and reading the newspaper.” It has…


BBVA’s Francisco González: “Spain has now a chance to regain credibility”

MADRID | The newspaper El País published an interview in its Sunday edition with Francisco González, president of BBVA and “one of the bankers that travels the most around the world. Some even criticise this obsessive international concern, but it provides him with the ability to know how Spain is perceived abroad.” What are the lessons learned after four years of crisis? This has been a very severe crisis due to a…