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What The Greens Don’t Tell

Miguel Navascués | According to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the Daily Telegraph’s editorialist, the recent global meeting on climate change in Glasgow was full of optimism, especially on the part of business. However, the cost of transforming from “dirty” to “clean” production has not been discussed. That is to say, there has been enthusiastic talk of quantities of CO2 easily eliminated thanks to incipient discoveries, without any details of how this would…

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T-Solar Group to invest $145 million in projects in Peru

Spanish T-Solar Group, a major operator in the solar photovoltaic power generation market, has signed three loan agreements for a total of $145mn to finance two photovoltaic power plants with an aggregate capacity of 44 MW in Peru. The two plants will be the first large-scale solar photovoltaic energy projects in Latin America. 113,600 thin-film amorphous hydrogenated-silicon modules produced by T-Solar’s Ourense (Spain) factory will be deployed over 206 hectares…