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U.S and China put emerging markets to the test

BEIJING | Alberto Lebrón | When the Asian crisis began in 1997, there were some countries which thought they were unjustly treated. For example, South Korea. Today, nearly twenty years on, the same pattern is being repeated, although the principal actors involved are much better prepared than they were then. But, are the Asian countries ready to face a restrictive monetary cyle imposed by the U.S.?

Li Ka Shing

Hong Kong’s Richest Man Unloads China Assets

With a net worth of US$32.6 billion, Li Ka-shing is Hong Kong’s richest man, and was long all of Asia’s richest man until edged out by Wanda Dalian’s Wang Jianlin in August. His business empire has historically been China-centric, though his conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa is far-reaching with 270,000 employees in 52 countries.

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Britain betrays Hong Kong… again

The British government has failed to condemn China for breaking its promise of greater democracy in Hong Kong. If you were told the Chinese government — an unelected, one-party state — will decide who you can vote for, what would your response be? Not only would you likely object, you would expect others, especially democracies, to loudly condemn the idea. But Britain has done just the opposite to the people of Hong Kong, when it failed to call China out for breaking its promise of greater democracy for the island territory.