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Could Nuance Make the European Parliament a More Effective Human Rights Champion?

European Views | In hosting the first-ever Global State of Human Rights conference a couple of weeks ago, the European Parliament clearly signalled that it sees itself at the vanguard of promoting the rule of law, both inside and outside the bloc. Indeed, at the last plenary session alone, the Parliament adopted resolutions on the democratic crisis in Nicaragua, the repression of the opposition in Turkey, Saudi Arabia’s use of the death penalty, press freedom in Hong Kong, political prisoners in Iran, and the rights of Hungary’s LGBT citizens.

UN Forum of Human Rights 2017

When Business Meets Human Rights

Mara Tignino and Antonella Angelini | Since its establishment in 2012, the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights has been the global standard for preventing and addressing adverse impacts on human rights connected to business activity.

Refugees crisis

Refugees, War and Our Future

By Veena Trehan | The refugee crisis is an opportunity to support the stateless and set up the necessary infrastructure in a world of unprecedented climate challenges. We turn our attention to Europe, compelled by shocking images of refugees’ deaths. To the stories of the stateless having identification numbers written on them and told their trains are headed to safety, rather than camps.

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Mind the gap, it’s about cooperation

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | In a context of crisis that is becoming worse and worse, and with the arrival of the new government lead by Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s cooperation challenges need to be revised. The unavoidable decrease in resources must be faced by an improved, more finely tuned project selection and the need for greater transparency must be satisfied by including the goals that each project intends to attain,…