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Felipe VI Will Be Vaccinated… When It Is His Turn (*)

T. C.| “Spaniards are peculiar, they want to live like Americans but they think like Cubans” explained a USA ambassador on leaving Madrid. And he was right. So nobody can find it strange that finally a group of “Bolivarians” are part of the Government of Spain. People who, a short while ago, used to denounce the Spanish political caste and now have made their leader’s wife a Cabinet minister; without anybody batting an eyelash.

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Spain’s Former King Juan Carlos Leaves Spain: Alleged Corruption Overshadows His Reign And Threatens His Son Felipe’s

The King Emeritus of Spain—Juan Carlos I— is leaving the country to live in another, unspecified, country amid a financial scandal. Juan Carlos has communicated his decision to his son Felipe VI through a letter that was made official by the Royal House. In spite of Juan Carlos I ‘s alleged financial irregularities, all the Spanish media have acknowledge the historic importance of the 82-year-old former king.